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Why This Beautiful Caribbean Destination Is Breaking All Tourism Records Right Now



Cas Abao Beach Playa Cas Abao Caribbean island of Curacao, Playa Cas Abao in Curacao Caribbean tropical white beach with a blue turqouse colored ocean.
Right now, everyone wishes they were in the Caribbean. There’s more interest than ever in its white sand beaches and easygoing vibe.

Particularly, one island has been an enormous success.
Curacao has registered over 500,000 overnight guests in a single year for the first time ever.

Here’s why this stunning Caribbean location is currently shattering all previous records for tourism:
Beaches In Addition
Any discussion about visiting a Caribbean island would have to include a mention of its white sand beaches, and Curacao is no exception.

There are 35 designated beaches on the island, and each one is a tropical haven. The island is a unique location for underwater sports in addition to its beaches. Whether you’re a passionate snorkeler or diver, you’ll discover the perfect location to enjoy your favorite activity.
But Curacao is especially alluring since it has so much more to offer than just beaches and leisure.

Curacao is more of a hidden treasure, especially for Americans, and offers a less crowded experience than other Caribbean destinations.

Away from the beaches, the capital of Curacao, Willemstad, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its breathtaking architecture, canals, lush surroundings, and street cafes.

Everywhere in Curacao is colorful. You will likely come across homes of every hue under the sun. The Queen Emma Bridge and the Queen Juliana Bridge are the two bridges that define Willemstad. It’s worthwhile to investigate both.

This indicates that Curacao draws tourists interested in both heritage and cultural sites as well as those seeking a classic Caribbean beach vacation.
A Location For Celebrations
Curacao ought to be at the top of your list if you’re looking ahead to early 2024 and want to find the perfect party vacation spot.

Although carnival is a well-liked occasion in the Caribbean, many people are unaware that Curacao is home to the longest and biggest carnival celebrations in the region.

The streets are transformed into brilliant, bright displays with music playing all month long during this celebration, which runs through late February. It’s an interesting and enjoyable fiesta that you shouldn’t pass up.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Curacao during Carnival month; despite its modest reputation, the island has a large party scene all year round.

The island provides an amazing array of places to enjoy the evening and let your hair down. Thus, you can discover what you’re seeking for here, whether it’s a crazy beach party or a classy cocktail bar.

Why not visit the island’s oldest bar, Netto Bar, which is well-known for its drink specials and located in the center of Curacao’s Otrobanda neighborhood?

Try La Casa del Habano Curacao, a laid-back bar and cigar club that is very well-liked by both residents and tourists, if you’re looking for a more subdued atmosphere.

The Wet and Wild Beach Club is the place to go if you want to have a great time on a Saturday or Sunday since you can dance all night long to a live DJ while feeling the sand between your toes.
A Rise in American Tourist Interest
Since Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island, many of its guests have come from the Netherlands in the past.
This was altered when Sandals opened their Royal Curacao resort in the summer of 2022.

This generated a lot of interest in the island and more arrivals because Sandals is such a well-known brand in the upscale and adults-only travel industries.

And a sizable portion of those newcomers were Americans.
The Royal Curacao resort, the newest addition to Sandals’ portfolio, is drawing guests not only because of its prime location but also because of its inventive design. This has an infinity pool, the brand’s first-ever bi-level pool with an ocean view, as well as contemporary activity programs.

With a fleet of automobiles available for hire, the resort has also adopted a “island inclusive” strategy, inviting guests to venture outdoors and explore the island.

For many locals, Curacao has finally gained international recognition thanks to this resort.

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Beach destinations

JooJoobs Leather Wallets Review – Personalised Travel Wallets



Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post. I could receive a little commission if you click on one. Naturally, you won’t pay anything extra for this, and it keeps this website up and operating.

It’s crucial to safeguard your information and documents when traveling. Nothing is worse than losing your credit cards, passport, or immunization booklet. One of the best ways to make sure you never lose track of things is to have everything in one location, both at home and on the go. Now introduce yourself to JooJoobs and their range of custom leather wallets designed for travelers.

Having everything in one location has been my only method of keeping track of all of my possessions over the years. Having a spot for everything makes keeping track much easier, whether it’s locating my passport in my luggage or putting my phone in a certain pocket. Travel wallets are a lifesaver in this sense, providing a specific location for all of your travel essentials.

I still use my leather JooJoobs travel wallet to organize my IDs and important travel cards even after all these years. If you’re unsure if JooJoobs’ collection of handcrafted leather travel wallets is right for you, then read our review of their wallets.
Which travel wallet is better, JooJoobs or Passport?

Although JooJoobs offers a large selection of goods, travelers are probably mainly interested in the passport and travel wallets. In case you’re in the market for one, they also make standard wallets and iPhone cases.

The handmade nature of all these JooJoobs goods is their one commonality. It’s odd because, despite the fact that I’ve used conventional wallets and have never given any thought to the leather, this travel wallet’s feel is unmistakable.

Your passports are protected from the wear and tear of travel with passport holders. Passports and other items like credit cards and frequent flyer cards can be stored in travel wallets. My passport, vaccination record, emergency credit cards, and an expanding assortment of metro cards from throughout the globe are all in mine.
The Leather and Quality🎠

These wallets are available in multiple colors and are handmade from distressed leather. They work with full grain leather, which is the best kind of leather.

It’s true that the wallet had some scuffs and veins when it was delivered, which may have offended some. However, I believe that a few small flaws indicate that it is handmade and distinctive rather than merely mass-produced. To me, the wallet’s stitching demonstrates the level of attention to detail and skill that went into its creation.
Customized Text

I believe that what would most thrill people will be the personalization, not the fine craftsmanship or high-quality materials. My wallet was embossed with the phrase “Travelsewhere,” as you can see, and I think it looks fantastic. With their extensive personalization choices, you can have travel wallets adorned with inspiring words, monograms, or any other design you like.

All things considered, this is a really amazing product and a fantastic choice for anyone who is still Christmas shopping. This could be a great gift option if you’re searching for something to give to a loved one who isn’t a vegan, obviously.

Concerning JooJoobs WalletsLocated in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai, JooJoobs is a multigenerational family enterprise. They put decades of experience into their job, and it shows. This neighborhood company started growing online in 2013 and now has a website and an Etsy shop.

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Beach destinations

These Are 6 Of The Top Trending North American Destinations For 2024



Aerial view of Nassau, Bahamas

It might be easy to start daydreaming about far-off, exotic places to visit throughout the world when you start a new year and consider your travel itinerary.

But as some recent data from popular booking platform Airbnb shows, it’s not always necessary to take a long-haul flight to enjoy one of the world’s top trending destinations. During a study of user searching habits, Airbnb revealed a list of 24 top trending destinations worldwide as we head into 2024, and six of them are actually in North America.

If you choose one of these six fascinating locations, you can experience one of the most popular and trendy tourist places worldwide without experiencing jet lag.
Indiana’s Indianapolis
Although auto racing is perhaps Indianapolis’ most well-known feature, this underappreciated city has a lot more to offer.

With more monuments and museums than any other American city outside of Washington, D.C., “Indy” is a center of culture, history, and tradition. Notable attractions include the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Indiana World War Memorial and Museum, and the American Legion Mall.

Indianapolis is a fantastic city for foodies, with some of the best-rated food halls in the country, and local specialties like piled-high reubens and pork tenderloins.

Indianapolis may be in the spotlight for 2024 because of a total solar eclipse that is expected to occur there on April 8 at around 3 p.m.
In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Travelers are definitely taking a moment to discover Philadelphia, which was just named one of Lonely Planet’s Best Cities for 2024.

“Philly,” well-known as a popular destination for foodies, is home to numerous locations that are legendary in American culture.

There is something for everyone, from the lighthearted to the serious, from Independence Hall’s Liberty Bell to the Museum of Art’s “Rocky steps.”

The city will demonstrate how diverse it is in 2024 when it hosts WrestleMania 40 in April and the annual Philadelphia Flower Show in March.

Dallas, Texas

If you’re visiting Dallas for the first time, you could be surprised by this city rich of exquisite art and varied cultures.

African American, Latino, Asian, and LGBTQ+ communities are just a few of the city’s many neighborhoods that offer thorough immersions into various cultures. The official tourism website provides customized itineraries to assist you locate what you’re searching for inside each community.

Dallas’s top attractions include taking leisurely strolls around the Botanical Gardens and Arboretum, taking in the vibrant art scene at one of the city’s numerous museums, or climbing the Reunion Tower for an unparalleled 360-degree overhead view.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Should a city getaway not be to your liking, maybe Colorado Springs’ natural paradise will suit your needs?

Natural treasures like Garden of the Gods Park and Pikes Peak can be found in this area of Colorado, making it an ideal destination for hikers, photographers, and anybody who enjoys being outside.

Pikes Peak Pride Fest in June, Rocky Mountain State Games in July, La Vida in August, and Arts Month in October are some of the major events that will take place here in 2024.
The city of Mexico City
This Mexican city is equally ideal for extended weekend trips as it is for longer stays of a week or two.

Mexico City offers a wide range of activities and is easily accessible to many Americans due to its broad travel schedule.

All year long, there is an amazing nightlife, delicious food, reasonably priced lodging, and typically nice weather.

For an alternate perspective of this city, consider taking a trajinera (gondola) ride on the Xochimil

The Bahamas is on a top trending travel list, which is hardly surprising given that it recently broke its all-time tourism record.

Nassau’s superb international airport and busy seaport make it a popular choice to enter this stunning Caribbean paradise.

Nassau provides a special fusion of the ease of modern city living and the tranquil seclusion of an uninhabited island; you can easily experience both here.

Choose from a wide range of opulent lodging options and spend some time discovering the area’s natural beauty and historical significance.

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4 Reasons Why This Beach Town In Jamaica Will Be One Of The Trendiest Caribbean Hotspots This Winter



View Of A Resort And Villa Zone In Montego Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean Sea

It’s no secret that this season, a large number of Americans will be traveling to Montego Bay.

Millions of American tourists are planning their escape to Jamaica’s tropical vacation destination as December draws near, and we don’t blame them: 🙦
Though it’s difficult to resist all-inclusive vacation packages and immaculate white sand beaches lapped by turquoise waters, there are over 700 Caribbean islands with comparable features to choose from. So what exactly about Montego Bay, though, has Americans so enamored with it in the first place?

The top beach town in Jamaica has never been more fashionable, and these four fresh explanations show why:
There are new adult-only, opulent hotels opening.
Since Montego Bay is predominantly a resort area, most visitors are looking for complete relaxation and the five-star care they anticipate from all-inclusive hotels. Fortunately for them, Montego Bay is among the Caribbean’s best-equipped beach towns.

It is on par with Cancun and Punta Cana in terms of hospitality, offering excellent hotel service and remarkable levels of safety in resort areas. Indeed, visitors from the United States arriving in Montego Bay this winter can anticipate a brand-new adults-only bow.

The newest hotel to join Montego Bay’s ever-growing collection of lodging options is the new 352-room Marriott, which is a premium child-free establishment and a part of the Blue Diamond portfolio. It opened for business in November.

It’s situated in the more sedate Trelawny neighborhood of Greater Montego Bay. Moreover, it’s close to the complimentary Royalton Blue Waters resort, which allows visitors to “stay at one, play at two,” depending on whether they’d rather be in an upscale or family-friendly setting.

Overall, the number of adult-only hotels in Montego Bay is rising, as seen by the historic Azul Beach Resort Negril’s recent conversion to a child-free area.
Enhanced Airport Facilities
The fact that Cancun can seem like a stress-free vacation from the time of arrival to the time of departure is among the key reasons Americans adore the destination and keep returning for more.

U.S. passport holders can easily cross the international border at Cancun by using e-Gates, just like if they were Mexican nationals.

Although Jamaica has not yet implemented this policy, Montego Bay is making considerable improvements to its offerings in order to remain competitive.

Travelers landing at Sangster International, which serves Montego Bay, will now have access to a longer runway and widened taxiway, as well as an expanded immigration hall and departure lounge that should alleviate arrival and departure bottlenecks.

Additionally, a Bob Marley restaurant—a tourist destination unto itself—will open in the lounge, allowing visitors and departing guests to further enrich their experience by exploring Jamaica’s musical legacy, which is closely linked to the reggae legend, and tasting its delectable cuisine.

According to Donovan White, Director of Tourism, the in-terminal position guarantees tourists are immediately immersed in the island’s culture upon landing, not to mention the shorter wait times and improved infrastructure in general. This will undoubtedly ensure Americans feel more welcome.

An increasing number of airlines are establishing nonstop connections to Montego Bay from U.S. cities that are typically overlooked in route reshuffles, indicating that demand for the sunny destination is on the rise.

More than twenty US airports, including Denver foreign Airport (DEN), which is the most recent to add Montego Bay (MJB) to its roster of foreign destinations, and Kansas City International (MCI), in Missouri, will provide flights to Montego Bay this winter.

Customers using Southwest Airlines from MCI may anticipate weekly nonstop service from both departure locations and reasonably priced Economy tickets starting at $280 one-way. On the other hand, United Airlines offers weekly nonstop service from DEN to MJB on Saturdays.
Since the Midwest is a “growing and vital market” for the Caribbean island, Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, has stated that these recently opened gateways at MCI and DEN are essential to maintaining connectivity between Jamaica and the midwestern United States.

Simply put, Montego Bay is one of the most popular destinations for Americans.
Aside from better aircraft connections, renovated airports, and friendly Jamaicans, Montego Bay is a popular destination for winter travel since it’s highly likely to be on the itinerary of any sun-loving traveler.
Officially, Americans rank it as their tenth most popular non-US city, and they are especially fond of the resort strip in Montego Bay because of its tropical atmosphere, opulent hotels, and abundance of recreational options.

Beautiful beaches, golf courses, botanical gardens, and adventure trips are a few of these, allowing guests to brave Jamaican wilderness and fully engage with the local way of life.

Americans also adore Montego Bay because of its shopping centers and high degree of safety. While Jamaica has experienced an unhealthily high number of State of Emergency declarations in recent years due to an increase in crime, the resort areas of Montego Bay have remained relatively unaffected and are still bustling with visitors.

The Jamaican government just does not take any chances when it comes to tourists, especially Americans. They have made sure that safety is consistently maintained in the region and that visitors enjoy the greatest possible experience.

Going to Montego Bay for the winter? Get inspired by reading more about the location here.

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