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These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall



A Young Woman Wearing A White Dress As She Walks On A Tropical Beach In An Unspecified Tropical Location, Probably The Caribbean

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Latin America is perhaps the trendiest destination this year.

With its boundless wealth of gorgeous natural sites and biodiversity, comprising around sixty percent of terrestrial life, attractive prices, and friendliness towards foreigners, it’s no surprise it’s overtaking Europe as a leader in solo travel trends.

A Young Woman Wearing A White Dress As She Walks On A Tropical Beach In An Unspecified Tropical Location, Probably The Caribbean
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 193

Now that fall is approaching and the summer crowds are dissipating, you may be thinking of jetting off to the Global South for an off-season getaway between September and November, but where exactly should you go?

In this article, we bring you the top 6 most incredible countries in Latin America for a trip this fall:


Boasting Latin America’s most developed and stable economy, high levels of safety, and over 4,000 miles of a Pacific coastline extending from the hotter tropics all the way down to Antarctica, Chile is one of the most fascinating countries in the Global South.

Santiago de Chile Cityscape, The Capital City Of Chile, South America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 194

Its capital, Santiago de Chile, is a vast metropolis sitting on the slopes of the snow-capped Andes Mountains, and a vibrant city break renowned for its world-class restaurants, stately museums, impossibly tall skyscrapers – including Sky Costanera, the tallest building in South America – and riotous nightlife.

Other trendy spots include Valparaiso, a resort town famous for its European-inspired Plaza Sotomayor and colorful murals, steep funicular hills, and sweeping views of the Pacific; San Pedro de Atacama, a traditional Andean town in the heart of the Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth, where stunning geological formation can be seen, and Viña del Mar.

Aerial View Of Valparaiso With Lutheran Church From Cerro Carcel Hill In Chile
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 195

Viña del Mar is Chile’s high-end coastal city, with a high concentration of regal five-star hotels, which line a sandy beachfront and a plethora of casinos.

Chile can be a lot colder than its Latin American counterparts, and its long miles of sandy beaches, however gorgeous, may still be off-limits due to weather conditions, but it still makes for an incredible fall destination, what with its amber fall foliage and cozy weather.


Panoramic View Of Buenos Aires, Capital City Of Argentina, South America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 196

A country that prides itself in being the birthplace of tango and the world capital of football, Argentina is resurging in popularity this year due to the excellent conversion rate tourists enjoy when changing their dollars into Argentine pesos.

Argentina is, without a doubt, one of the most affordable countries in the Global South despite its soaring inflation, with BudgetYourTrip estimating travelers will need on average $26 a day during their stay, or around AR$9,129.

Its affordability is not its only strength as a destination. It may have been through a rough patch lately, especially when it comes to the state of the national economy, but Argentina has consistently remained one of the safest countries in LatAm.

The Casa Rosada Seen From The Adjacent Public Square In Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 197

Prices may be fluctuating and unemployment soaring, but unlike what conventional social indicators would lead us to believe, this has not fueled a considerable increase in crime, civil unrest, or urban violence. Argentina remains stable, perhaps even more so than its closest neighbors.

It is one of a handful of Southern countries to have been added to the United States’ Level 1 Travel Advisory listing, meaning it is as safe as can be, on a par with European oases like Iceland and Finland. In fact, the only city where Americans should exercise increased caution is Rosario.

Other than being cheap and very safe, Argentina will not be too hot nor too cold to visit this season, with temperatures stagnant at 64.4 degrees in Buenos Aires, and increasing gradually as we approach the winter season (or summer, for the Southern Henisphere).


Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo, Uruguay
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 198

Often forgotten among its famous counterparts, being sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is perhaps Latin America’s most underrated and least-visited destination and one that looks set to increase further in popularity in the near future.

Considering it is the second smallest country in South America, you may be wondering what exactly Uruguay has got to offer. Well, quite a lot: it has two of the best preserved colonial-era historic centers in the Americas, namely in Montevideo, its capital, and the aptly named Colonia.

Aerial View Of Punta Del Este, Uruguay, South America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 199

Now that U.S. travelers are actively seeking more cultural immersions when going abroad, exploring Uruguay’s rich colonial past, which dates back to the Spanish colonization of the Americas, is certain to feature on their bucket list.

If it’s a beach getaway you’re after, Uruguay’s may not be as famous as Brazil’s, but that’s not to say they’re inferior in terms of natural beauty, particularly the sandy stretch lining Punta del Este, a resort city on the shores of the Atlantic, known internationally for its casinos and luxury resorts.

Costa Rica

A Backpacker Descending A Wooden Stairway Into A Beautiful Waterfall In A Tropical Forested Area Of Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 200

The most visited country in the Central American isthmus, Costa Rica has time and again been featured on travel lists as one of the most naturally beautiful and safest countries in the Southern Hemisphere, with rich biodiversity and coastlines on both the Pacific and Caribbean Seas.

Located close to the tropics, it does not have well-marked seasons as we know them in America, with the year being essentially split into rainy and not-so-rainy seasons due to the build-up of humidity. That’s not to say it does not make for an incredible destination.

Costa Rica is warm year-round and mostly sunny, and it’s precisely this amazing weather that results in nature so abundant and verdant. The country’s biggest assets are its protected parks and reserves, including vast swathes of jungle, as well as a volcanic inland.

A Male Tourist Crossing A Suspended Bridge In A Tropical Area In Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 201

When coming to Costa Rica, tourists are mainly in search of a peaceful one or two-week break, exploring the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature, and there is certainly no shortage of wellness retreats and beachfront stays to pick from.

Additionally, the country is one of the safest in Central America, featuring on the State Department’s Level 2 listings. This means Americans are not discouraged from visiting and are instead advised to exercise ‘greater caution’ due to higher crime in specific provinces.

Dominican Republic

A Young Woman Resting On A Hammock Suspended Between Two Tall Palm Trees In Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic, Latin America
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 202

A tropical nation sharing a Caribbean island with another sovereign state, the Dominican Republic – commonly shortened to DR – is the second most-visited beach resort in the wider region, behind only Cancun in Mexico, and a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Unlike other dozens of islands, where the main and usually sole attractions are beaches and their adjacent entertainment zones, the DR is surprisingly diverse, offering tourists both the relaxing Caribbean vacation they so crave with a much-needed infusion of culture.

As verified by OnePoll in recent research, over 40% of Americans are more open to adding some culture to their yearly sunny breaks, be it pairing a beach holiday with some sightseeing or historical tours.

Beach At A Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Sea
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 203

The DR surely does not disappoint in either category, with places like Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and La Romana enlisted as one of the most luxurious and well-equipped resort zones in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the capital, Santo Domingo, laying claim to being the oldest colonial settlement in the continent.

Here, guests can swim in the crystal-clear waters of the warm basin, as well as visit 16th-century ruins, including a European fortress in Santo Domingo and the DR’s countless historical Spanish-era towns dotting the azure coast.


A Female Tourist Holding Her Straw Hat On Her Head As She Admires The Tulum Ruins, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 204

At number one, there is Mexico, America’s favorite and the undisputable leader among all Latin American destinations.

Out of all the countries listed, Mexico has perhaps the best tourist infrastructure, with airports that offer links to numerous departure points in the U.S. and Canada (and beyond), luxurious resorts with well-trained staff and incredible amenities, a plethora of visitor-friendly attractions, and accessibility.

Whether it’s the bustling Hotel Zone in Cancun, Los Cabos’ fast-growing wellness scene, the cultural melting pot that is Mexico City, the Old World charm of the country’s 132+ Pueblos Magicos, or the idyllic, car-free islands off the Caribbean coast, there is no beating Mexico.

Aerial View Of Cozumel, A Tropical Island Off The Mainland Coast Of The Mexican Caribbean, Near Cancun, Mexico
These Are The Top 6 Countries To Visit In Latin America This Fall 205

This year, the country is set to reassert its lead over the competition by launching two further major infrastructure projects: the Tulum International Airport, which will host flights from selected airports in the States and Canada, and the Maya Train, a scenic train linking the tourist hotspots of the Mayan Riviera.

As it gears up for what’s bound to be the busiest peak season in years, Mexico is also investing heavily in security, deploying more police to beaches and reinforcing surveillance in downtown areas.

Though we may differ from other travel outlets and their respective rankings, one thing we can collectively agree on is that Mexico is Latin America’s strongest offer.

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Cultural destinations

These Are The Top 7 Beach Destinations In 2024 According To Travel And Leisure



mallorca spain coastline

A comprehensive list of the top destinations for 2024 has been put together by the Travel and Leisure experts.

Numerous magazines have released their favorites for the upcoming year, and they all appear very different. While some are fully off the grid, others are popular hotspots.

In the end, you have to determine what interests you enough to plan a fantastic trip. Travel & Leisure divided up their best recommendations by category rather than covering all 50 locations.

Let’s examine the top 7 “beach vibes” for 2024 as listed by Travel & Leisure:
Florida’s Anna Maria Island
There are several locations in Florida that make for the perfect vacation, which is why the state continues to draw enormous numbers of visitors.

Miami and other major American beaches and cultural centers are located in this sunny state. However, a lot of people decide to take the ideal family vacation to Orlando.

Tampa is one place that gets overlooked despite having so many beautiful beaches close by. Travel and Leisure declares Anna Maria Island to be the greatest in Florida because of its friendly locals, breathtaking sunsets, and lack of skyscrapers that obstruct the view.

Your stay will be more enjoyable and accessible with new hotels and more flights to nearby Sarasota.
Italy’s Campania coast
This striking area is experiencing a hotel boom on some of the most picturesque coastline in the nation.

With four destinations to pick from for your European beach getaway—Amalfi, Positano, Capri, and Sorrento—Coastal Campania offers quadruple the pleasure.

Italy’s breathtaking beaches will wow you; many visitors associate the nation with ancient sites and excessive wine and pasta consumption.

You can still indulge in excessive amounts of delectable food and drink locally produced wine, but why not do it against the breathtaking backdrop of azure waters, undulating hills, and classic architecture?
There are several hotel alternatives available to travelers, ranging from luxurious accommodations with cliffside pools to intimate boutique styles.

Soon, American and Delta will begin offering direct service to the neighboring Naples.
There isn’t a single Costa Rican beach that Travel and Leisure recommended visiting in 2024. T and L essentially advise you to “just pick one” beach because they are all so lovely.

Any beach in Costa Rica is a good choice, however some are busier and more well-known than others.
While some may choose for more quiet spots to have a wonderful beach all to themselves, many small towns have a thriving surfing community that gets together to surf the waves.

Travelers adore visiting the land of pura vida, despite the fact that it is usually more expensive than nearby nations.

Travel & Leisure also adore it. Indeed, they have selected Costa Rica as the “Destination of the Year” for 2024. Whether traveling alone, with company, or on a family vacation, everyone will find their place in this stunning nation.

There are plenty of enjoyable excursions to discover the breathtaking beauty and culture of the country, and lodging options ranging from cozy hostels to opulent hotels are easily accessible.
Dominica  Over the past year, Dominica has been increasingly popular. Travel is on the rise, and more people are looking to discover bright new places to visit.

This Caribbean island features picture-perfect waterfalls, verdant jungles, and unspoiled beaches, making it a veritable paradise.

trekking enthusiasts should prepare their trekking shoes, as the breathtaking Waitukubuli National Trail spans more than 100 miles across the island.

More lodging facilities, including upscale establishments like InterContinental, are opening up. A major lure for tourists is sustainability, with charming eco-lodges.
Hawaii Island 🙠
We are all aware of the destruction Hawaii experienced earlier this year. After a wildfire decimated Maui, there has been debate in the travel industry over whether or not it is still safe to visit.

Travel and Leisure claims that Hawaii is prepared for tourists to return. Without requiring a passport, Hawaii offers one of the most unusual environments.

Stunning beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and cliffside vistas are just a few of the main attractions for tourists.

Travelers are urged by the tourism sector to treat any island as if it were their own home and to be careful of their stay.
Mexico’s Los Cabos
With the cleanest beaches in all of Latin America, Los Cabos is among the most picturesque locations in Mexico.

“Is Cabo worth the price?” is the query that vacationers should be asking themselves. The top hotels, according to reports, are now charging an astounding $1000 a night on average!

With its boujee resorts, immaculate beaches, and exciting entertainment, Cabo is among the most opulent vacation spots that are accessible to most people.

In 2024, more opulent resorts are planned to open, and more flights are leaving from American airports.
Spain’s Mallorca
This gorgeous island in Spain is ideal for a romantic beach vacation. It is the location of the lovely city of Palma, which is overlooked in favor of Spain’s other major towns. Outside of the city are some of the most tranquil beaches the country has to offer, complete with dazzling waters, wide-open areas, and relaxed residents.

In between beach days, explore the amazing downtown streets for an abundance of tapas and mouthwatering wine. From boutique lodging to a Four Seasons resort, the quaint hotels will win your heart.

With United’s new direct route from Newark, getting to Mallorca is now easier than ever.

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Cultural destinations

These Are 5 Of The Top Destinations In Southeast Asia’s Cheapest Country



Aerial View Of A Beach Area In Nha Trang, Central Vietnam, Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia, sometimes abbreviated as SEA, is the ideal destination for backpackers.

Vietnam is a very diverse subcontinent where foreigners are welcomed and hyperinflated Western prices are not a regular concern. This year, its popularity has increased due to lax visitation laws and less bureaucratic tourist visa processes, but no nation has shown itself to be as fashionable as Vietnam.

This tropical treasure borders the turquoise East Sea and is considered the cheapest destination in the South East Asia region. With extremely low consumer costs and a devalued national currency that enhances the spending power of the typical Westerner, it’s your best choice for an off-the-beaten-path tropical holiday that won’t break the bank.

After spending a lot of time exploring Vietnam, we have selected the top five places to go this winter that are affordable and rich in culture:
Mui Ne
Mui Ne, a tranquil fishing hamlet in South Vietnam, is undoubtedly the most underappreciated coastal location in the nation since it offers culture and wellness all in one place.

It’s got an emerging development strip with new resorts opening every few months, including the delightful boutique hotel The Anam that we featured earlier this year, as well as pristine reserves, sand dunes, family-run eateries, and historic Cham towers that date back hundreds of years.

With nightly rates as low as $114 and a prime location near Mui Ne’s high street rather than in a far-off place away from the activity, The Anam is the perfect starting point for visitors wishing to explore the town and the larger province.

The area is well-known for its seafood, particularly its fish sauce, and there are several authentic restaurants outside the resort complex that serve Vietnamese specialties, like rice noodle soup and sea snails, for as little as $5.
As Hoi An
Hoi An, the crown jewel of Vietnam, is a superbly maintained medieval river port with dwellings that have a yellow tint, winding alleyways, and a history that dates back more than 2,000 years.

A reminder of the successive colonization periods and the multicultural nature of Hoi An, it is situated in Central Vietnam, halfway between the country’s two largest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Its eclectic architecture, influenced by Chinese, Japanese, and European styles, is evident throughout its bustling streets, which are home to medieval Sino pagodas, striking displays of colorful, brightly painted paper lanterns, a Japanese temple bridge that spans a picturesque canal, and several French-built civic structures that date back to the French Indochina period.

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit location if you’re traveling from North to South Vietnam or the other way around. Like other Vietnamese hotspots, it fits your budget—a three-day stay typically costs about $50, not including lodging.

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam and the political and cultural center of the former capitalist state of South Vietnam. Despite no longer serving as the country’s capital, it is still known by this name.

Still the most Westernized and outward-looking city in the nation, HCMC has changed with the times thanks to the support of a strong expat population, making it one of the top investment and business destinations in Southeast Asia.

HCMC, home to 8.4 million people, is a popular destination for digital nomads and young entrepreneurs. With its impressive French colonial architecture, war museums, and exciting nightlife, it’s a vibrant city that visitors shouldn’t miss when exploring Vietnam.

Cu Chi Tunnels, used by Viet combatants during the War, the Independence Palace, the former South Vietnam Government’s headquarters, and the Notre Dame Cathedral, a French Neo-Gothic structure, are just a few of the city’s top attractions.

When compared to other major cities in the subcontinent, HCMC is surprisingly affordable. Budget tourists could anticipate to pay a meager $30 per day, not including lodging.
Ha Trang
With over 500,000 residents, Nha Trang is one of Vietnam’s largest cities and the nation’s go-to sunny spot. Holidaymakers tend to flock there during the peak travel season, which runs from November to February when less precipitation is recorded.

Nha Trang is the new favorite digital nomad destination in Southeast Asia. It is another well-liked beach resort and bustling coastal metropolis lining the East Sea, where tall hotel towers and skyscrapers are bounded by a long stretch of white sand.

Not so well-known Nha Trang is fast rising to prominence as one of Southeast Asia’s most sought-after options for a seaside city break, thanks to its array of opulent hotels surrounding the shoreline and its abundance of top-notch restaurants serving traditional seafood from Central Vietnam.

In general, visitors should budget only $41 a day on average in Nha Trang, plus an extra $27 per night for lodging.

In addition to the stunning beaches and commercial malls, tourists may fully immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture by visiting the nearby Po Nagar ruins, an old temple that was established as early as the eighth century by the now-extinct Cham civilization.

A discussion of Vietnam’s most interesting travel locations would be incomplete without discussing Hanoi, which served as the country’s capital after the Reunification War and is now regarded as the country’s second-most important commercial and cultural hub after Ho Chi Minh City in the South.

The main draws of Hanoi are its broad, green boulevards in the European style and its greater degree of social development in comparison to other less developed areas of Vietnam:

Being the government’s capital and a major financial center, it has greater infrastructure than the typical Vietnamese city and is much cleaner, with less hectic traffic.

Not only is Hanoi a popular destination because of this, but visitors also enjoy it because of its high concentration of historic temples, French colonial landmarks, and large, open green spaces that offer a brief respite from the fast-paced city life.

Furthermore, because Hanoi has connections to off-beaten routes in North Vietnam, travelers frequently use it as a base for exploring the region’s wild nature, which includes stunning mountain ranges, the UNESCO-listed Halong Bay, and golden rice fields.

With an average daily cost of $50 for tourists, Hanoi is undoubtedly the most costly option out of the five; yet, even by Western standards, it is extremely affordable and definitely less expensive than other Asian metropolises like Singapore or Hong Kong.

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam soon? Find out more about this Southeast Asian treasure and some of the guidelines for visiting.

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These 5 U.S. Airlines Are Most Likely To Experience Flight Delays Right Now



Woman Waiting at Airport

The holidays are quickly approaching, resulting in some of the busiest travel weeks of the year. Flight delays are typical this time of year, particularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Flying may be a stressful experience in and of itself, but delays can make it even more so.

Booking with an airline that has a high proportion of on-time flights and booking a ticket early in the morning are two of the greatest strategies to avoid flight delays.

According to recent statistics from UpgradedPoints, the following airlines in the United States are most likely to face flight delays right now.

1. Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines is currently the worst airline for flight delays. This low-cost carrier’s flights have a 31.9% risk of being delayed.

Rather of taking a chance and risking a one-in-three possibility of your flight being delayed, it’s best to select a more dependable airline for flights this winter.

Frontier is also dealing with other concerns, including as a class-action lawsuit against the airline’s $599 “unlimited flight” pass, which was introduced earlier this year.

2. Southwest Airlines

Last year, just around Christmas, Southwest Airlines experienced a catastrophic meltdown, resulting in thousands of flight delays and cancellations.

Many tourists questioned if booking with Southwest was safe in light of the complete breakdown of operations. While Southwest is likely to strive extra hard to avoid a similar disaster this winter, you may not want to take any chances.

Furthermore, according to historical statistics, Southwest flights have a 31.8% risk of being delayed, making the airline nearly as unreliable as Frontier.

3. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is another untrustworthy airline with a significant likelihood of flight delays. When it comes to on-time flights, this New York-based carrier does not have the finest track record.

Although not as awful as Frontier or Southwest, going on JetBlue still means you have a staggering 30.8% probability of experiencing flight delays.

4. Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air is the next carrier on the list of possible delays. This low-cost airline is not very dependable, so although you may save money by booking your ticket, you may also face unexpected delays.

Allegiant Air flights are delayed 29.2% of the time.

5. Spirit Airlines

Finally, there is Spirit Airlines. Although this low-cost carrier is the brunt of many jokes for being a less-than-ideal mode of transportation, it isn’t as awful as some other US airlines when it comes to delays.

When flying with Spirit, there is a 28.1% risk of a flight delay.

Which Airlines Experience the Fewest Delays?

Now that you know which airlines are most likely to have flight delays right now (and which to avoid! ), here are the airlines with the fewest delays.

Although ultra-low tickets with airlines such as Frontier or Spirit may entice you, it may be worth the additional money to book with a more dependable airline.

The top three airlines with the fewest delays right now are:

  • Alaska Airlines has a 20.3% probability of being delayed.
  • Delta Air Lines has a 19.1% probability of being delayed.
  • Hawaiian Airlines has a 15.6% probability of being delayed.

Flights can be delayed for a variety of reasons, including aircraft faults, personnel concerns, weather, and other factors, but these three airlines have the fewest delays.

There is no foolproof technique to avoid flight delays (as lovely as that would be! ), but you may read this article for further advice on how to avoid the dreaded delay or cancellation.

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