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These Are The 5 Cheapest U.S. Destinations To Visit This Winter According To Priceline



Jacksonville skyline and fountain, Florida

Many Americans who want to slow down this winter will not be able to afford luxurious trips at 5-star resorts as costs creep up to their yearly peaks as the holidays get near. Instead, they will become more frugal with their travel spending.

Contrary to common assumption, however, a tight budget does not always equate to a poor quality of experience; rather, it all boils down to selecting the ideal location.

Priceline recently released a research that showed how many entertaining, tourist-friendly towns and cities there are in the United States that can provide visitors with unforgettable vacation experiences without breaking the budget.

Particularly, any tourist on a tight budget should include these five places on their bucket list immediately:

1. Missouri’s Branson

With average hotel rates of just $107 per night in December, Branson, Missouri is deservingly ranked as the number one location on our list.

aerial view of Branson, Missouri
These Are The 5 Cheapest U.S. Destinations To Visit This Winter According To Priceline 24

The Midwest town, which is tucked away in the middle of the Ozark Mountains, has long been known as a hidden gem because of its thriving live entertainment scene, affordable lodging options, and welcoming attitude.

Fans of theater and music, however, are by no means the only ones drawn to Branson.

The 13,000-person town is surrounded by gorgeous scenery, the most striking of which is the beautiful Ozarks, which is sure to wow nature enthusiasts.

The hilly scenery is covered in a perfect layer of snow at this time of year, creating an incredibly peaceful backdrop that is difficult to find in busier tourist destinations.

View of Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri at Sunrise
These Are The 5 Cheapest U.S. Destinations To Visit This Winter According To Priceline 25

2. Florida’s Jacksonville

Sunshine State tourism smashed all previous records, demonstrating once more how popular American destinations with warm weather, a laid-back vibe, and lots of entertainment are.

There’s nowhere better to discover all that and more than Jacksonville, a vibrant yet reasonably priced city renowned for its temperate climate and serene beaches with golden sand that let visitors enjoy the Atlantic Ocean’s sun without worrying about rowdy crowds.

Visitors to the city will not want to miss the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, which provides an immersive cultural experience at a fraction of the price of comparable establishments in larger, busier towns.

3. Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee, Florida’s second inclusion on today’s list, is a location that provides much more than what meets the eye and is only a 30-minute drive from Orlando.

Travelers may have the best of both worlds this winter by visiting Kissimmee, where they can stay somewhere with such affordable prices and still be only a short drive from the state’s most well-known attractions, including Disney World and Universal Studios.

You can easily locate a hotel here for less than $128 per night, and you’ll receive much more for that money than simply a place to stay while visiting amusement parks.

Along with beautiful airboat rides, thrilling outdoor activities where you’ll make lifetime memories, and the region’s criminally underappreciated nature reserves (the Shingle Creek Regional Park, for example, are a must-see), all await you here.

4. New Jersey’s Atlantic City

Although Atlantic City is most known for its busy casinos, the city has much more to offer than simply high-stakes gaming.

As winter draws near, the area is beginning to change into a tranquil, beautiful location that welcomes visitors to enjoy the famous boardwalk without the oppressive crowds.

The hotels and resorts here may not have the most extravagant looks, but their rates are really reasonable, so you can see the stunning Absecon Lighthouse, Gardener’s Basin, and Steel Pier without going over budget.

5. Texas’s Houston

Houston, the greatest cultural hub in Texas and, by many accounts, the most diverse city in North America, is ranked No. 5 on today’s list.

For those on a budget who yet want to experience the pulse of a vibrant metropolitan core, the busy city is the ideal location.

Houston welcomes visitors to take advantage of their winter vacation and see the famous Museum District, Hermann Park, Space Center Houston, and the Houston Zoo. The city also boasts pleasant weather and affordable travel costs (particularly when compared to other places of similar sort).

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JooJoobs Leather Wallets Review – Personalised Travel Wallets



Disclosure: There may be affiliate links in this post. I could receive a little commission if you click on one. Naturally, you won’t pay anything extra for this, and it keeps this website up and operating.

It’s crucial to safeguard your information and documents when traveling. Nothing is worse than losing your credit cards, passport, or immunization booklet. One of the best ways to make sure you never lose track of things is to have everything in one location, both at home and on the go. Now introduce yourself to JooJoobs and their range of custom leather wallets designed for travelers.

Having everything in one location has been my only method of keeping track of all of my possessions over the years. Having a spot for everything makes keeping track much easier, whether it’s locating my passport in my luggage or putting my phone in a certain pocket. Travel wallets are a lifesaver in this sense, providing a specific location for all of your travel essentials.

I still use my leather JooJoobs travel wallet to organize my IDs and important travel cards even after all these years. If you’re unsure if JooJoobs’ collection of handcrafted leather travel wallets is right for you, then read our review of their wallets.
Which travel wallet is better, JooJoobs or Passport?

Although JooJoobs offers a large selection of goods, travelers are probably mainly interested in the passport and travel wallets. In case you’re in the market for one, they also make standard wallets and iPhone cases.

The handmade nature of all these JooJoobs goods is their one commonality. It’s odd because, despite the fact that I’ve used conventional wallets and have never given any thought to the leather, this travel wallet’s feel is unmistakable.

Your passports are protected from the wear and tear of travel with passport holders. Passports and other items like credit cards and frequent flyer cards can be stored in travel wallets. My passport, vaccination record, emergency credit cards, and an expanding assortment of metro cards from throughout the globe are all in mine.
The Leather and Quality🎠

These wallets are available in multiple colors and are handmade from distressed leather. They work with full grain leather, which is the best kind of leather.

It’s true that the wallet had some scuffs and veins when it was delivered, which may have offended some. However, I believe that a few small flaws indicate that it is handmade and distinctive rather than merely mass-produced. To me, the wallet’s stitching demonstrates the level of attention to detail and skill that went into its creation.
Customized Text

I believe that what would most thrill people will be the personalization, not the fine craftsmanship or high-quality materials. My wallet was embossed with the phrase “Travelsewhere,” as you can see, and I think it looks fantastic. With their extensive personalization choices, you can have travel wallets adorned with inspiring words, monograms, or any other design you like.

All things considered, this is a really amazing product and a fantastic choice for anyone who is still Christmas shopping. This could be a great gift option if you’re searching for something to give to a loved one who isn’t a vegan, obviously.

Concerning JooJoobs WalletsLocated in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai, JooJoobs is a multigenerational family enterprise. They put decades of experience into their job, and it shows. This neighborhood company started growing online in 2013 and now has a website and an Etsy shop.

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This Is The Fastest Growing Travel Trend In The U.S. Right Now



Woman with a cruise ship in the background
Are you eager to travel the world without having to deal with numerous flights? There is a very good reason why cruise travel to the United States is increasing dramatically at the moment.

The number of Americans opting to cruise has skyrocketed, with North America now accounting for 33.5% of all cruise travel worldwide.

People are willing to spend money traveling and exploring the world. However, they also desire as easy, convenient, and inexpensive a travel experience as possible.

Here’s why cruises are currently the most popular travel trend in the United States:
An Inexpensive Mode of Transportation
The fact that practically every aspect of your vacation is included makes cruising one of the most alluring travel options available.

A cruise ship offers a variety of shore excursions, entertainment, dining options, and activities all in one convenient package.
The majority of cruise fares cover meals, lodging, entertainment during the day and night, and of course, transportation between locations.

Getting to your ship by plane and all-inclusive drink packages are frequently not included, especially if you choose with a less expensive cruise company. However, you can choose to pay for them in advance so you won’t have any additional expenses to worry about while on vacation.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose to skip the shore excursions and just explore each port on your own without having to pay for what your cruise line offers.
Several Locations With Simplicity
Having to load and unpack your stuff has to be the worst part of traveling. However, no matter how many places you visit while on a cruise, you only have to unpack your bag once.

You may glide from place to place without worrying about making reservations for lodging, flights, or anything else. When you cruise, all you have to do is fall asleep in one place and wake up somewhere else.

For tourists who wish to visit as much of the world as they can in a comparatively short amount of time, this is fantastic.

Take a cruise if you’re having trouble deciding whether to go to Barbados or St. Lucia in the Caribbean or between France and Spain in Europe. Select a cruise line that offers itineraries that include every city on your wish list; some cruises even offer daily port calls.

Want to take a day off and relax? Taking a cruise holiday also simplifies that. You can attend an informative lecture, unwind by the pool, or spoil yourself in the spa. Dance sessions, wine tastings, and pottery painting. There is an almost infinite selection of entertainment alternatives, and many of them are included in the cost of your voyage.

Simple To Arrange
Planning a cruise holiday is really simple. You don’t need to plan your journey between destinations or look for hotels that fit your budget or are near the attractions because a cruise covers both your transportation and lodging in one convenient package.

Choose your cruise company, vessel, schedule, and package; the rest will be taken care of for you.
You can even ask your travel agency to book your airfare if you’re extremely pressed for time or just want the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

Cruise lines may also organize group travel, and many will even provide extra benefits for group reservations. If you’re planning a large gathering of friends or family, they can also arrange for group travel according to their tried and true strategies.
An All-Inclusive Cruise Line
Not every cruise ship or cruise line was made equal, and not every cruiser is the same.

The myth that cruise ships are only used by elderly people is no longer true. Sailing has significantly expanded in popularity, although pensioners still make up a significant portion of the market.

This indicates that a growing number of aspiring tourists are becoming interested in cruising. And anybody can find the ideal cruise line.

For families, there’s no question about the Disney cruise line. However, cruise companies like Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises also provide amazing family-friendly amenities like zip wiring, climbing walls, water parks, and other heart-pounding activities.

Young adults in their 20s and 30s have excellent options when it comes to cruises: Virgin Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. They provide fantastic entertainment, a ton of deck parties, and an amazing atmosphere.

Finally, consider cruise lines like Holland America Lines or the smaller Viking River Cruises ships if you’re an older traveler searching for a classic cruise ship where you may rest and relax while at sea.

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New Report Reveals Top 5 Most Visited Countries By American Travelers



Elegant woman with red sunhat enjoys the view to a canal with passing by gondola in Venice, Italy
Even while Christmas travel overseas has somewhat plateaued, longer-term patterns clearly show that Americans are traveling abroad at a rate that has never been higher.

But when seeing every place on the planet is on your travel bucket list, choose which place to spend your hard-earned money and time at can seem more like a job than an enjoyable experience.

Which nations do Americans like to visit when they travel abroad?

According to Statista’s recently released data, there were five undisputed leaders among U.S. tourists’ most favorite foreign locations last year.

5. Italy

Italy offers visitors the classic European city break, with its rich history, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and a plethora of things to do and see. Perhaps the best thing about this Mediterranean nation is that there is so much to do and see that American tourists never run out of things to do while visiting.

If you’re traveling across continents, it’s likely that you intend to explore your destination for at least a week, if not a month or longer. Italy is the ideal location to fit into a rather lengthy itinerary.

You’ll spend your days touring cities full with attractions that will never leave you bored, such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Bologna, and Verona (or short of gorgeous views).

Famous sites like the Colosseum, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Grand Canal should not be missed, but the same is true of at least a dozen more attractions spread out around the nation, so make sure to prioritize the places you most want to see.

After all, it would take a lifetime to fully appreciate Italy’s abundant, varied, and vibrant natural beauty.

4. The French

France is the world’s most visited country for good reason—its breathtaking architecture, rich cultural legacy, and romantic appeal have made it the pinnacle of traveler’s paradise.

While there are plenty of beautiful places throughout France, Paris is the clear tourist draw that has helped the nation achieve its current status as a world-class destination.

With its seemingly limitless attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral, the City of Lights continues to draw record numbers of visitors.

But if you want to see France outside of the city, the glitzy beaches of the French Riviera, the Bordeaux wines, and the quaint villages of Provence may have what you’re looking for.

3. Britain

The UK more than makes up for its lack of Mediterranean appeal (and heat!). Its rich cultural heritage seems to be exactly what American tourists are searching for at this time of year, as record numbers of Americans visit their European neighbor.

Though most American tourists visit Europe primarily for its unique museums and grand theaters, London in particular is the ultimate tourist destination. But the UK is home to more than simply its vibrant city.

A peaceful counterpoint to the bustle of London may be found in the countryside, which is home to castles, undulating hills, and charming villages. Not to be missed are Stonehenge, the Scottish Highlands, and the Lake District’s literary landscapes.

2. The Canada

You may always go up north and see Canada in all its splendor if you want to avoid the transatlantic flight; in fact, 12% of American tourists did just that last year.

Canada is the most obvious destination for American tourists wishing to spend some time overseas because of the country’s natural beauty—the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park, the urban sophistication of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and the general convenience of speaking the same language and being close to home.

1. Mexico

If you’ve been following recent travel news, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Mexico topped yet another list of the “Top Destination For American Travelers.” The coastal nation garnered an astounding 36% of U.S. tourists, securing a lead that, if past performance is any indication, will only get stronger over time.

There are countless reasons why Americans travel to Mexico, but the main ones are its breathtaking scenery, friendly people, and rich cultural legacy.

Mexico can satisfy all of your desires, whether you want to soak in the sun on the Cancun beaches, party all night long at a Tulum club, or explore the region’s ancient history at sites like Chichen Itza.

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